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Hi, I am Igor!

The passion for music, technology and video games has been driving me since I can remember, and led me to work on projects I love so much. Thanks for being here, let me show you some of the things I have been working on!

In October 2021 I joined Psyonix and Epic Games as an audio programmer. Here I fully developed the Unreal Engine 5 waveform editor , tools for Rocket League, and worked on Rocket Racing and Lego Fortnite.

In March 2019 I joined Xbox Game studio Rare as an audio programmer. Here I take care of the audio technology driving  the studio titles, Sea Of Thieves and Everwild, and provide support to the sound design and music team with the bespoke tools they need.

I have been working as main audio programmer on ATTACCO, a multi-purpose virtual device  created to transform any surface in a controller and instrument for digital audio workstations. Using microphone input, the software reacts to the execution analyzing information about timbre, force and speed. With a 3$ contact mic, the world can become your controller! More info

The first game I shipped as an audio programmer is Alphaputt, by Sennep Games. For this project, I created a bespoke middleware integration with the game engine (Wwise in Unity) to suit the needs of the project. I also worked closely with the sound designers creating ad hoc audio systems and implementing the sounds following their vision. More info

On winter 2016 I collaborated as programmer, interface designer and visual designer on Project Gemini. Project Gemini is a procedural audio-visual experience ispired by the works of Brian Eno and Radiohead. Download it and it will play 15 minutes of bespoke generated music and visuals for you! Available for download on our website.

Want more?

Check my Sound Design, Music or Bass pages! Or stare at a boring list of what I think I can do. For anything else, feel free to contact me!

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