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Game Audio


Electric Bass

Electric Bass

I will smash vegetables, scream and sneak in the most dangerous places with a microphone to get the sounds you need for your project! Check my video below or visit my implementation section  to take a look at some of my sounds inside games. Click here to listen to the video without Vimeo compression.

I like to compose for different media and in different genres as well. From the orchestral dynamic system of an horror game to more sparse electronic tracks, making music is always fun! You can hear a collection of my tunes below!


Sound Implementation

The following video shows the implementation of different sounds in a Third Person RPG game made with Unreal Engine 4. Audio features custom listener position, dynamic sounds that follow the environment to match the visual, an underwater/overwater acustic system and much more.

Music Implementation

In 2016 I worked on the music system of Under Ground, a survival game made by some student of the game design Bachelor's course. The system, called Algorhitmia, is based on Fmod and Unreal Engine 4, and can combine different audio segments to follow the action of the game and create continuiosly different music. It can be seen (and heard) in action in the following video.


I didn't work on the sound design of this game.

On winter 2016 I collaborated as programmer, interface designer and visual designer to Project Gemini. Project Gemini is a procedural audio-visual experience ispired by the works of Brian Eno and Radiohead. Download it and it will play 15 minutes of bespoke generated music and visuals for you! Available for download on our site.

Project Gemini

Sound Design

I started playing bass in 2010 as a self learner and with different bands in Verona (Italy). In 2011 I started my BTEC in Music  at Centro Studi Musicali, where I studied the instrument with Pepe Gasparini, Improvisation with Matteo Mantovani and band reharsal with Massimo Greco (Zucchero). In 2011 I played bass in self produced album "Nice to Meet You", by italian singer/songwriter Morpheus. From 2013 to 2016 I played with tribute band Dreamin' Liga, with several gigs in all northern Italy. Before moving to England in 2015, I taught bass at "Scuola di musica Vigasio" for two years in Vigasio, VR. In 2016 I recorded bass for Tom Williams' upcoming album, published by Caroline Records.