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Fancy more bass? 

I started playing bass in 2010 as a self learner and with different bands in Verona (Italy). In 2011 I started my BTEC in Music  at Centro Studi Musicali, where I studied the instrument with Pepe Gasparini, Improvisation with Matteo Mantovani and band reharsal with Massimo Greco (Zucchero and Ligabue). In 2011 I played bass in self produced album "Nice to Meet You", by italian singer/songwriter Morpheus. From 2013 to 2016 I played with tribute band Dreamin' Liga, with several gigs in all northern Italy. Before moving to England in 2015, I taught bass at "Scuola di musica Vigasio" for two years in Vigasio, VR. In 2016 I recorded bass for Tom Williams' All Change, published by Caroline International     

All Change is out!

Al Change is the new album by Tom Williams, out on Caroline International, featuring me at the bass. Listen or grab it here: https://tomwilliams.lnk.to/AllChangeAlbum