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I am a musician and sound designer with a strong passion  for video games and new technologies. 

As a student, I worked on several collaborative projects collaborating with people from other courses and enhancing my teamwork skills. 

I am interested into projects that can bring innovation in the fields of music and technology. 


My Skills: 

- Music composition for different media

- Original sound design for different media 

- Implementation of adaptive and procedural audio systems for video games, natively in the engine (UE4, Unity3D) or     using audio middleware (FMod,  Wwise) 

- Knowledge of Max MSP and Pure Data

- Recording, mixing and mastering audio at industry standard level

- Knowledge most of DAWs: Logic Pro, Ableton and Reaper

- Live engineering 

- Able to play piano, bass and other instruments

- Can make pizza as well


2016 - now: MSc Sound and Music for interactive games, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds.

2015: BA (Hons) Music Production, First Class Degree; Leed Beckett University, Leeds

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